Why I am Switching To Posthaven

I have posted on my blog exactly twenty times since September 2013 when Dan and I and Standard Treasury got out of Y Combinator and raised our seed round. Some of the posts have been quite business related while others have been deeply personal. 

All in all, I've had a couple hundred thousand uniques on the blog (my most popular post is about weight loss). Recently I got concerned about Svbtle, the blogging platform I was using. Svbtle is the brainchild of Dustin Curtis, and it's pretty well-designed. But it seems like a side project, and I just don't know much about its long-term viability. 

So, I have decided to switch over to Posthaven

My reasons: 

(1) Permanence. I believe that Posthaven, my content, and my links will be here a long time. The pledge says forever, but a decade or two would be nice.  

(2) Inexpensive. Five dollars a month is pretty damn cheap. I am also actually more comfortable paying for something than not: I know they're covering their costs.

(3) Trust. I know Garry personally through my time in YC. I trust that the pledge is real and he always try to do the right thing by us users. 

What I lose:

(1) Time. Posthaven doesn't seem to take markdown, so I had to convert all my markdown to HTML. There are some other basic administrative annoyances. 

(2) Kudos. On Svbtle, if someone enjoyed your post they could give you "Kudos". On Posthaven they can "Upvote". For good reason, I can't set the number of upvotes myself, so that's all gone.